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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups

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National - England


Launched in 2022, Jhive is a cross-communal Jewish charity with a unique offering that builds bridges with corporates to cultivate a more welcoming and inclusive environment for Jewish employees through equity, diversity and inclusion training. Jhive also delivers alternative career education to schools with a focus on apprenticeships and widening career choice. Furthermore, it provides a supportive community, the largest of its kind for those that work or aspire to work in the technology and entrepreneurial sectors. The charity also has plans for further initiatives in entrepreneurial space.


Jhive provides Jewish equity, diversity and inclusion training for corporates so that they have a balanced understanding of the Jewish community, practices and denominational makeup. Jhive partners with corporates to present apprenticeship opportunities to school leavers; and also run community support initiatives for those looking to explore entrepreneurship or the technology sector.

Current opportunities

London (North), NW4 2SB

Jhive is looking for an enthusiastic and experienced fundraiser to join our board of trustees and help launch and shape the next chapter. This is...