Its Your Local Market

Its Your Local Market

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  • Arts
  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Children / families
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Gardens and parks
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Local / community
  • Museums / heritage
  • Training / employment support
  • Women
  • Young people

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National - England


It’s Your Local Market is a community project that operates a weekly and monthly market in the London Borough of Lambeth, focusing on the regeneration of our communities bringing together local people with diverse and cultural mix of talents, skills and expertise from people in North Lambeth .  

The market provides opportunities for new business start-ups (social entrepreneurs), green community projects and local businesses, creating a weekly and monthly market focusing on the ethos sustainable living.  Traders and community projects have the potential to benchmark items that have been produce or manufactured with minimal environmental impact that will be traded at the market.   For new start ups, we  support the trader to attain the required standard to achieve the criteria and quality for sustainable proof.

We  have generated an interest  and developed the markets existence through local community engagement, promotional workshops and local marketing that benefits the communities interest.  We operate and organise a range of supported skills development programmes, sustainable business training and trading workshops

Our long term plan is to bring the  sustainable market model to other residential communities in the borough where there is need for change to these deprived, anti-social areas by regenerating  and revitalising communities, bringing ideas, skills and knowledge together.   

Currently our project is piloting It’s Your Local Market @ Angell Town, having secured funding from the London Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund Estates Programme we have established a local community market benefitting the residents of Angell Town Estate.    Priority is  given to the residents of Angell Town, traders where they have had the opportunity to benchmark a range of  produce, health and well being products,  fresh produce, street food, clothing & textiles, household products,  arts & crafts’ all sustainable and made in Angell Town.  

The market hosts and promote locally sourced materials, manufactured products & produce, renewable energy and sustainable foods for those living and visiting the vicinity of Angell Town.  Our ongoing workshop supports the development of skills, training, life skills demonstrations and entertainment.

The overall objective to create a strong enough impact so the project can carry on and develop further projects and sustain a local market where the residents can maintain and mange.   

This also supports the regeneration of Lambeth's deprived communities and  will be a benchmark for developing local communities managed and operated by the residents, community projects and housing management.  We have so far achieved this collaboration with much more work to deliver.

We have made an impression on local community markets within the borough and  this will continue arouse interest and popularity as we develop a new era to Lambeth community Pop Up markets.




Our aim has been focused on the developing the project with ongoing community cohesion and give a sense of responsibility to the residents to make a change and take control of regenerating the community. 

​Our current activities include operations of hosting weekly and monthly markets, we work in corporation and align to the councils sustainability policy, endorsing our objectives. 

This we have achieved by forming a committee board with representative from the residents that leads on the market's establishment and a link to deliver the  community interest. 

Residents explore and recommend ways that enables local people to have a share in making decisions and ensure it meets the change. Also enable local people to have involvement in their community and become acquainted with other ethnics groups building on relationships. 

The market provides a network of skills and expertise on a variety of experiences and shared knowledge. Our development and debriefing meetings provide an opportunity of developing cross cultural/ability/age activities break down barriers amongst the generations and enhance community cohesion. 

The market suffices the promotion of  healthy and wellbeing lifestyle with the provisions of the market place, encouraging sustainability and greener environments in green spaces that can be maintained for use by the community. Be an example for other deprived neighbourhoods in Lambeth, through developing a community market that will bring local people together to make a change. 

Our ongoing developments includes:

  • Being the first sustainable living market in Lambeth
  • Full operation and management by residents & community projects
  • Provide a benchmark for people of all diversities
  • Offer a residual income for the community project
  • Create Environmental Savings
  • Run a Community Shop Market
  • Encourage learning & skill development
  • Boost sustainable green business start-ups
  • Offer a base for the community growing project federation 

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