Iran's Children Charity

Iran's Children Charity

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Geographical remit: 


To support the children in need within the country of Iran.

We achieve our objective by supporting existing registered orphanages, charities and organisations. These include organisations that have been introduced to us:

  • Ali Asghar Hospital
  • Mofid Children's Hospital
  • The Association for Protection of Child Labourer (various cities in Iran)
  • The Child Foundation
  • H. Roghieh (s) orphanage for children 0 - 6 years old.(Tehran)
  • Bagheri orphanage for children 12 - 17 years old


Currently we are working project by project:

  • We visit the centre and talk to the management, establishing their priority needs
  • Assess what needs we can help with
  • Raise funds for that need

All funds raised and all expenses will be accounted for by receipts and can be checked by anyone on this website.

Iran's Children Charity has been established with the following objects:

  1. the relief and assistance of children and young people in need;
  2. the relief of orphaned children, or those without a related responsible adult acting as a parent;
  3. the relief of children with poor, sick or handicapped parentage;
  4. the relief of children who have needs such as medical, emotional and practical support (where need is not
  5. limited to these categories).

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