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IOU is established to promote, maintain, improve, and advance education, particularly by the production of educational plays and the encouragement of the arts, including the arts of drama, mime, dance, singing and music, and to formulate, prepare and establish schemes therefore provided that all objects of the Company shall be of a charitable nature.

Our beneficiaries include artists, children and young people, local audiences and national audiences from diverse backgrounds including those who experience socio-economic disadvantage.


IOU’s Mission

IOU makes original, unpredictable interdisciplinary art, from our creation centre in Halifax, inspiring curiosity and wonder and developing diverse talent for a range of local, national and international audiences. 

IOU’s Vision

IOU is artist led and collaborative: working with interdisciplinary artists to engage diverse audiences through original and exceptional art that changes perspectives of the world. We aim to attract and develop talent through collaboration and professional development programmes with a focus on IOU’s unique style in innovative engineering, construction and invention. Our work aims to de-familiarise everyday objects and locations to produce work that is unconstrained, innovative and darkly humorous. 

Our work aims to inspire, transform and educate, through creating cultural experiences and sharing and developing skills and best practice in cross-disciplinary art.

We do this through:

Making new, exciting and innovative art projects.

Presenting and touring these projects to a diverse audience locally and across the UK. 

We share the learning gained from this work through our educational learning programme. 

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