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IWI has works to eradicate and educate on human rights violations against women. We take our values very seriously and believe that we cannot one day have equality without transparency, collaboration, inclusiveness, integrity, or tenacity.


One day, women all over the world will be the protagonists of their own lives.



Our mission is to raise awareness of the threats to the human rights of women across the globe and to promote and assist in the achievement of gender equality.



Transparency: We take personal responsibility for using our resources effectively, and we want to be open and honest about our projects, activities, and spending for the betterment of women across the globe.

Collaboration: We work together, both internally and externally, in order to create a better world for those who live in it.

Inclusiveness: We realize that women’s equality is not only a women’s issue. We seek to include all women, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, and colour, as well as men. We believe that people of all identities are equal partners in solving these issues.   

Integrity: We do our best to be honest and transparent in order to provide the best information possible. We always act in the best interest of women everywhere. We hold ourselves to a high standard as we realize this is the only way to successfully implement change.

Tenacity: We fight for what we believe in, and will continue to do so until human rights violations against women have been eradicated all across the globe. 


International Women's Initiative strives to educate the world about the violations against women's rights, as well as make a difference in women's lives. 


IWI has launched the Safe Birthing Programme in Northern Uganda and are excited about the impact that we will make for women there. In addition, we have recently launched our latest programme named The Human Project which works to eradicate and educate the public about trafficking in Latin America. 


At IWI, we value our ability to use tools such as social media and our website to keep individuals informed about the violation of women's rights occurring in the world. From unsafe abortions, to forced virginity tests, to unequal pay - violations of the human rights of women is shockingly rampant. Recently, International Women's Initiative has begun producing our own original content.


We value our relationships with our partners, and they help us to accomplish things like the Safe Birthing Programme, which we would never be able to accomplish otherwise.


In today's world, we are lucky to have social media and blogging as tools to share information and ideas. It is easier to communicate today than it ever has been, and at IWI, we want to take advantage of that. Our Survivors Blog is a great way to get involved in sharing ideas within IWI. Our talented team of staff writers share their opinions and thoughts on current women's issues.

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