The Institute for Statecraft

The Institute for Statecraft

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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Counselling / advice
  • Education
  • Human rights
  • International development
  • Young people

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The Institute for Statecraft is an independent body dedicated to refreshing the practice of statecraft, to improving governance and to enhancing national and human security. Its work addresses problems faced by national institutions, such as the NHS or the Armed Forces, and by communities vulnerable to malign influence, such as children at risk of insecure use of cyber/IT. It is independent, financially and politically, enabling it to tackle issues of strategic importance without compromise. It has extensive expertise in a broad range of issues which are currently highly topical.


We are not just a ‘think tank’ but also a ‘do tank’.

We undertake research into and analysis of: the causes and nature of today’s rapid global change; the impact of that change on our target audiences (beneficiaries) Examples: research studies into; the evolution of governance in the UK, 1997-2017; the paradigm shift in the nature of conflict and the development of hybrid warfare; the causes of radicalisation to violent extremism and the effectiveness of attempted solutions.

We devise, experiment with and implement potential solutions to the problems caused to beneficiaries.  Examples: Grassroots programmes in UK with Muslim youth to improve social integration, teach leadership, reduce alienation; Multi-disciplinary programme in Central America, building coalitions of actors and devising and initiating projects to tackle gang violence.

We educate (by publications, lectures and presentations, conferencing, mentoring) both the beneficiaries, governmental bodies and the relevant public, to ensure: (a) understanding of the problem and its causes, and; (b) acceptance of the solution and the consequent need for change. Examples: Briefings to Army and other Service audiences at all levels, including senior leadership.

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