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The Institute is the main training and membership organisation for Group Analysis in the UK. It was founded in 1971 and operated as part of the Trust for Group Analysis. It was incorporated on 3rd June 1980 as a company limited by guarantee and without share capital. The Institute was established under a Memorandum of Association which established the objects and powers of the charitable company and is governed under its Articles of Association.


The principal purpose of the Institute as stated in the Memorandum of Association is:

The object of the Institute is to promote the preservation of mental health and to relieve those persons suffering from mental health disorders or conditions of emotional or mental distress and who are in need of treatment (amended 2018).

The aims of the IGA are to train individuals in the application of group analysis (a form of group psychotherapy) and its applications by providing training courses and continuing professional development (CDP) for its members. In addition, it aims to educate society about group analysis and its benefits as a therapy. The members of the IGA are group analysts who have completed the IGA’s Qualifying Course in Group Analysis or who have trained elsewhere and have had their training accredited by the IGA.

Group analysis is a powerful therapeutic medium that focusses on the relationship between the individual and the group, emphasising the essentially social nature of the human experience. As a method of treatment, group analysis offers an approach that recognises how emotional, behavioural and psychological phenomena emerge in the context of our social groups. Carefully constituted analytic groups have a long record of helping people with personal problems and in promoting personal development. Our philosophy is that as personal difficulties have their roots in our social relationships, groups are a prime place to explore, understand and try and resolve them.

The group analytic approach has profound implications for group work and organisational practice in a wide range of health, social and educational settings. It has applications in a variety of different settings including groups for refugees, homeless and displaced persons, victims of domestic violence; church groups; groups in forensic settings; leadership; and organisational dynamics. It is also pertinent to understanding the dynamics of our lives in organisations and in society.


Our activities include:

  • Providing high quality training in group analysis and ensuring all IGA-accredited training meets IGA and national psychotherapy accrediting bodies’ (currently UKCP) quality standards
  • Providing membership services for group analysts
  • Running workshops and events for members, students and the public to ensure high quality CPD and for raising awareness of Group Analysis and responding to issues that may be raised by the public
  • Providing a psychotherapy referral service and promoting group analysis
  • Funding bursaries which enable those who face economic disadvantage to attend group analytic training.

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