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Institute for the Future of Work

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Our mission is to shape a fairer future through better work.

Our goal is a good society in which everyone can flourish through this new technological revolution.

Our belief is that creating and sustaining good work is the best way to achieve this goal and ensure that innovation and social good advance together.

We work at the intersections of governance, civil society and industry to build, through good work, a good society in which everyone can flourish through this new technological revolution. 

Work and working lives are changing faster than ever before. There are three core challenges that this presents, and our programmes are set up to meet each of these:

  1. Changing work - The risks and rewards of transition are not evenly spread meaning that structural inequalities are increasing.
  2. Shifting power - New technologies are driving big shifts in power and challenging traditional mechanisms of governance and accountability at work.
  3. Prioritising people - People’s lived experience, values and agency are being neglected in shaping futures of work.


If we build understanding, create solutions and make connections, then we can meet these three core challenges, helping to build a good society in which everyone can flourish through this new technological revolution. Our main activities are:

  • Shifting narratives - We are reframing debates on technology and the changing labour market to forefront work in shaping a better, fairer future for everyone. In the Pissarides Review, we are reframing automation to include impacts on access, nature and quality of work.
  • Creating evidence - We are building and sharing a multi-disciplinary evidence base of the impacts of technology on work and working people. With our Knowledge Hub, we are seeking out new areas for research and promoting knowledge exchange.
  • Designing solutions - We are designing and testing practical solutions informed by our own and our partners’ research. With our Lab, we are connecting research with action to design novel solutions in high-impact areas.
  • Developing policy - We are developing new policy, regulatory models and systems with our partners which we deliver to the frontline of politics. With our Good Work Algorithmic Impact Assessment, we are delivering research and solutions to the front line of politics and informing the development of policy and regulation.
  • Building capacity - We are building the capabilities of communities and institutions to shape futures of work. With our guidance for Unions and Chartered Institutes, we are providing a bridging role for effective, collaborative working.
  • Connecting people - We are creating and convening networks to enable knowledge exchange, trust and collaboration. As Secretariat for the APPG on the Future of Work, we are bringing researchers, politicians and practitioners together to build the UK’s Future of Work network.

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