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With Insight Education seeks to advance the educational and professional prospects of black heritage students so that they are empowered to have a more prosperous future. A future where they have fairer access to top universities, professional employment and opportunities for social mobility.

Black-heritage pupils consistently have the lowest entry rates to top universities. In addition, the progression of black-heritage students into professional jobs lags that of their peers, they experience a salary deficit and promotion through the ranks is woeful.   On a personal level, this means that many young people are being starved of the opportunity to excel and realise their potential.

Since 2018, we have helped over 1,000 black heritage students to find their voice, develop transferable skills and equip them with the contacts and resources they need to get into higher education, navigate university life successfully and fulfil their potential.


The charity connects black heritage students across England, many from schools in areas of deprivation, with top tier universities and companies through innovative, tailor-made mentoring and skill development programmes.  We strive to make a tangible difference to the young people that we interact with, so our programmes are designed to build their confidence, knowledge and ability to succeed.  

Our current programme strands are:

Insight2Uni - University access mentoring that supports Year 12 students to successfully apply to top third ranked universities.  Mentors are black-heritage students at our university partners, e.g. University of Manchester, Leeds and the University of East Anglia.  Currently 87% of our mentees secure offers from aspirational institutions. 

Elevate - Our career mentoring programme that engages employees from our corporate clients, Bank of England, to be inspirational mentors.  89% of employee mentors report improvements to their professional development and the programme offers fantastic upskilling opportunities for sixth form students who also experience the broadening of their horizons. 

Foresight - Engaging black-heritage university students to provide guidance to pre-GCSE students, helping them to better understand how to make informed post-16 choices and inspiring them to know that a higher education future is within their reach.

Third party delivery - We collaborate with other organisations to extend the reach of our mentoring expertise.  For example, we deliver the mentoring element of the Cowrie Scholarship Foundation programme.

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