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Inside Justice is an Investigative Unit for Alleged Miscarriages of Justice. We aim to keep a spotlight on the subject of wrongful convictions. 

At Inside Justice our core strength comes from our Advisory Panel of experts who come from a rich range of disciplines. The panel considers select cases put before them with a view to identifying new work and investigative strands. We have a budget to commission new forensic work on individual cases and strive to support and facilitate academic research on key issues affecting the criminal justice system.

Inside Justice works with the family and friends of a person who says s/he is entirely innocent of the crime they are imprisoned for and with their existing solicitors and legal representatives. We encourage and nurture collaboration with external organisations in the support of an individual’s pursuit of justice.


To promote the sound administration of the law for the public benefit by:

- providing advice and expert, scientific and legal support to prisoners who may have unsafe convictions; 

- making submissions and assisting others in making submissions to the Criminal Cases Review Commission in cases of alleged miscarriages of justice; 

- encouraging good practice in the retention of evidence, in collaboration with relevant public bodies;

- educating students and other stakeholders about investigation of crime and miscarriages of justice 

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