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The Inner City Centre was founded in 1981 by a group of psychotherapists who recognised that the high cost of psychotherapy in the private sector put it well beyond the reach of many people, especially those most in need of psychological support.   We provide long- and short-term psychotherapy to people who would otherwise not be able to afford it.   We know that 40% of those who visit their GP do so for reasons related to emotional problems, and we know that psychoanalytic therapy is effective in treating: long-standing depression (including suicidal feelings); anxiety and panic attacks due to stress; relationship difficulties (including sexual problems); problems with identity, feelings of loneliness and emptiness; self-harm and eating disorders. 


We have a network of over 50 psychotherapists in London who accept low fee patients within their practice.  All our members are fully qualified and registered, and most have many years experience of working with people who suffer varying degrees of emotional distress.  Referrals come from GP practices, NHS services, our website and word-of-mouth.  All enquiries are dealt with by our two Referrals Therapists, who answer all website, email and phone enquiries.  After a telephone assessment most people are referred directly to one of our psychotherapists.  Some are recommended an assessment with one of our senior members.  Our Referrals Therapists are supported by a Referrals Manager and our Clinical Committee.  The organisation is managed by a Council made up of member officers and external Trustees, and the day-to-day running is dealt with by our Administrator and the senior office bearers.

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