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I Have a Voice Too! is an Aylesbury-based organisation providing opportunities for adults over 21 years old with learning disabilities and special needs to take part in films and theatre.  Being the mother of a daughter with learning difficulties, Founder Diane Hands discovered there was a lack of activities and social groups for those over 21 with special needs or learning disability. She decided to fill that gap by starting up I Have a Voice Too!  It is now a source of joy for Diane, as she is able to see the group draw closer together and grow more confident as well as making new friends.


Participants are involved in all aspects of theatre production; script writing, story boarding, acting, rehearsing, and ultimately performing to family, friends and fans. There are also opportunities for them to learn about stage management

Performing on stage can be quite stressful. To help, relaxation techniques are taught as part of the rehearsals. Based on considerable experience of trainied actors, these techniques enable participants to calm their nerves and clear their minds of worry. If any of our actors get tense on stage, they are taught to be able to use simple techniques to stay calm and how to be inventive if lines are forgotten. Each production is well rehearsed and participants are often so familiar with the play that they know each other’s lines.

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