I am Somebody’s Child Soldier

I am Somebody’s Child Soldier

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Our objective as a charity is to provide ongoing Psychotherapy therapy for rescued child soldiers in Uganda. We aim to provide food clothing and ongoing Psychotherapy for children from ages of 6-18. We also aim to fund other like minded charities /programme which assist in the rehabilitation of child soldiers. PTSD is a major factor that child soldiers experience so as an organisation we aim to facilitate their rehabilitation back to a kind or normal childhood. We also aim to facilitate in vocational training as we believe equipping these children with life skills will only assist them in the future.  





  1. Raise awareness through online campaigns and social media in the UK
  2. Raise funds and awareness via a street bucket collecting campaign with paid fundraisers. 
  3. Liaise with local mps in the area of Uganda whereby he children are to have a cohesive plan on how to assist the children 
  4. Raise awareness of child soldiers and their plight to the Ugandan people 
  5. Long term plan is to build a rehabilitation centre that will provide Psychotherapy

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