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Humber Education Trust

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Educational body
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We have a strong moral purpose and a determination to provide the best education possible for the children in our care. Our family of schools share the same high aspirations, moral values and commitment to providing exemplary care and support. At the same time, we recognise and celebrate each school’s individual uniqueness.

We are a DfE-approved Academy Sponsor. This means that through the Trust, we are held accountable for sponsored schools who may join us, to ensure improvement in outcomes and taking responsibility for their performance and financial arrangements.

Our experienced Trust Board provide support and challenge to ensure that we build on our track record of excellence to achieve our aims and objectives.

Our strength lies in a common purpose: high aspirations, moral values, care and support; yet celebrates our individual uniqueness. This is inclusion in its truest sense. We recognise that as every child needs different things to achieve the same end point, their full potential, so too do the schools that nurture and develop those children.

One size does not fit all.

Our commitment stretches across the breadth of our community with children firmly at the heart of all that we do. We are outward looking, embracing links with other education providers and agencies as we all seek the best outcomes for children.

We believe in innovative staff development opportunities at all levels, so that our teams enable our pupils and families to shine. We are passionate educators, both of ourselves and of others, prioritising resources to have the greatest impact, every minute of every day, on the children we serve.

We welcome challenge as this promotes positive change. Our determination to achieve the best outcomes for every individual means that we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence.


Humber Education Trust is committed to:

  • Work ethically and with mutual respect and collaboration.
  • Provide a caring and safe environment where responsible, tolerant and principled global citizens can grow.
  • Develop creative, enquiring and resilient learners with a thirst for knowledge.
  • Promote success and celebrate effort.
  • Provide a vibrant, challenging and enriching curriculum by encouraging fresh thoughts and outward-looking ideas.
  • Ensure that all staff have outstanding continual professional development and feel appreciated and supported.
  • Embrace technology, to reflect the changing needs of our world.
  • Play our part in this strong community and provide support for all the families within it.
  • Recognise the diverse needs of our community, to ensure that children and young people from all backgrounds thrive.
  • Drive financial efficiencies, seek best value and save money in order to reinvest in the classroom.

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