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PLUSHSE16 x HUBSE16 is what happens when business meets community. HUBSE16, a Social Enterprise, an organic addition to our community, is our plan to deliver more for the community in the face of adversity.

Join the Forum and stay tuned for upcoming community projects and events. We're on a mission to fund our communities' ideas and needs.HUBSE16 is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the cultural diversity of the SE16 community. We provide a wide range of programs and resources that empower individuals, foster inclusivity, and address a variety of social challenges. We focus on community building, cultural preservation, personal development, education, and environmental sustainability for the public benefit. 


We champion a community-first approach, advocating for local residents and addressing social inequalities, especially in Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities. We believe in providing opportunities and safe spaces for all to flourish.

Our mission revolves around enhancing the SE16 neighbourhood through creative, sports, and community programs, affordable retail services, and proactive youth crime prevention. We aim to empower local communities and inspire the protection of cultural heritage.

Operating in The London Borough of Southwark, our collaborative efforts span across SE16, supporting individuals affected by inequalities in various aspects of life. We are dedicated to preserving access to safe spaces, education, health, and family support for people of all ages, with a focus on protected characteristics.

At HUBSE16, we boldly harness culture and heritage, uniting people to create a more equal and thriving SE16 and Southwark as a whole.

HUBSE16 is on a mission for the preservation and promotion of culture and community cohesion advocating for place making and belonging for a displaced community of 22 years.

  1. For the advancement and encouragement of collective communities and the protection of safe spaces with special consideration for people with protected characteristics from Black Minority Ethnic groups.
  2. For the advancement of community development and the promotion of community capacity building by establishing workshops and events to support.
  3. For the advancement of arts, culture and local heritage preservation and sustainable development.
  4. For the empowerment to build on social investment in people and place. 

Current opportunities


In 22 years, we've evolved from humble beginnings to a beloved institution in SE16. At HUBSE16, we fortify community ties and foster inclusive...