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How to Thrive

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How to Thrive are specialists in practical resilience training in schools. We work in partnership with schools across the UK, developing solutions with them that answer the challenges they and their students face. We deliver flexible, practical programmes that can transform behaviour and learning. All our work is based on research evidence and years of experience of working with schools and young people. 

Resilience means we can feel good and flourish in everyday life and cope when things get tough. It doesn’t mean being happy all the time because real life isn’t like that. Resilience is far more useful: it means we can deal with a difficult situation, and learn from it. It means too that when an opportunity arises, we seize it and make the most of it. Like any skill worth having resilience takes practice but the capacity lies in all of us. 

Our programmes and approaches help reduce anxiety and depression, improve attainment and attendance in schools, help individuals deal well with setbacks and make the most of the opportunities available to them.  


How to Thrive helps schools and adults around children and young people learn how to teach and model resilience. Children, young people and those around them are struggling to cope and it’s affecting them in their daily lives. Building resilience is part of the answer. We provide the training, skills and resources to build resilience. Our programmes and curricular teach practical resilience skills that are researched and evidence based. Learning the skills of resilience will enable individuals to learn better, function well, feel good and flourish. 

We lead and develop large scale research projects to keep our understanding of what works fresh and relevant. 

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