Hovingham Primary school

Hovingham Primary school

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Our vision is to be the ‘hub’ of our community, providing a centre of excellence where every child is valued for their individuality, personality and self-worth; one where the highest levels of achievement and attainment are accessible to all.

Our school motto is to ‘Aim High’ and we certainly believe we can.

Our aims are

  • To be a school where every child experiences high quality teaching and where learning takes account of the changing needs and diversity of our children to enable all to achieve.
  • To provide an inclusive curriculum and a stimulating, safe environment that nurtures the aspirations, life chances and happiness of all our children.
  • To establish wider education networks to bring academic, social and emotional benefit to our children; and to be recognised as a valued and respected partner within our local communities.
  • To establish a resourceful and resilient organisation that enables our school to grow to greatness.


Primary Education designed to meet the needs of our children and broaden their horizons.

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