The House of The Artists Gallery (THoTA)

The House of The Artists Gallery (THoTA)

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  • Older people / later life
  • Poverty relief
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The House of The Artists Gallery (THoTA) is an international membership art association. A social enterprise aspiring to become a charity by 2020.


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Our Vision

We are a talented community of Artists & Creatives that lives adequately from the arts.


Our Credo

THoTA believes that Artists and Creatives ought to have a sustainable life by creating beautiful artworks for the enjoyment of the public.


Our social mission

THoTA represents, mentors and invests in talented Artists & Creatives to thrive, to establish themselves quickly and to become the contemporary masters of tomorrow; for the enjoyment of the viewer and the collectors.


Our Mission

  • To represent, mentor and give valuable support to the creative community,
  • To invest in the next generation of contemporary master,
  • To apply fair pricing that guarantees the creatives to maintain a decent life from their art,
  • To develop a free community that supports each and everyone,
  • To enrich people’s life with art.


Our Spirit

THoTA challenges the conventional art market structure, by placing the Artists & Creatives at the centre of the "value creation" and therefore, engaging the public in its appreciation of the art.

THoTA believes in challenging the status quo and acts differently by being a social enterprise with a strong business twist and a start-up feel. We strongly believe in maintaining  “a social purpose and an ethical business.”


Our Culture

 THoTA is ambitious and dynamic like a start-up but we put People at the heart of our social enterprise. THoTA is supportive to each and everyone to succeed, not only on a professional level but ultimately on a humanist level.

We are a volunteer-based organisation, valuing skills and experience in specific areas.


Our Members

We have already 25+ members, from 15 nationalities, on 6 continents. Our Community is composed by emerging and established artists working closely with museums and galleries, the winner of Venice Biennale and determined emerging talents.


THoTA represents, empowers and give to its artist community by:

- showcasing online artists portfolio;

- educate the artists in their life choice;

- give to the artist community (free economy, free advice, free mentoring, free coaching, etc)

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