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HostNation exists to make it easier for those of us at home in London, to be friends with those looking for a place they can call home. It's a digital means of connecting those offering friendship with those needing it. By taking refugee referrals and matching each individual to a local, screened, checked and trained befriender on our database, and then introducing them face to face in their local communities, we wish to facilitate hundreds of new and rewarding inter-cultural friendships.

Our capital is crying out for social integration projects as few of the big refugee organisations have been able to sustain initiatives aimed at the emotional well being of their service users. They focus on service provision; we focus on social provision. We connect refugee service users with friends in the community and we utilise match-making technology to help us do this at scale.

Our primary purpose (as defined in our constitution) is: the promotion of social inclusion for the public benefit among those who are refugees, asylum seekers or migrants.  More specifically we wish to improve their lived experience of London by helping to reduce their social isolation, to increase their participation in London life and to improve their spoken English.


We provide an online befriending service matching Londoners with socially isolated refugees and asylum seekers.

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