Horbury Community Centre Trust

Horbury Community Centre Trust

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Horbury Community Centre Trust is a small charitable organisation working with local residents, businesses and other voluntary and community organisations to improve the lives of residents of Horbury and South Ossett. 
Horbury Community Centre Trust does this by providing a community centre with facilities for arts, leisure and education.  

We want people to identify with the centre as a hub for Horbury and South Ossett. The more we do together the more we will know and care about the people we live alongside. Together we believe we can make Horbury a better and more enjoyable place to live


Horbury Community Centre Trust believe it is important to be involved in our community and do something worthwhile which will benefit our friends and family, our neighbours, our local tradespeople and businesses and therefore Horbury itself. 

We want to create access to good quality arts, leisure and educational facilities near home and not have to travel and we want to access these in a modern, welcoming, vibrant and inspiring environment. 

We believe for the centre to be truly sustainable the key is for us to be in touch with local people and responsive to their needs. We want the centre to introduce people to new and exciting arts, learning and social experiences as well as the tried and tested more traditional activities which have kept community centres going over the years. 

We aspire to be the place that everyone wants to visit and feels welcome, a place where people who have never before considered a community centre to be relevant to them feel just as much a part of things as those who have supported and patronised community centres all their lives. We want to offer something different to the residents of Horbury and South Ossett, a place people can be proud of. 

We have a responsibility to make the centre and Horbury a better place. We want to help keep the community together by creating a focal point where people want to spend their time, meet and share ideas, a place where people feel they belong and have a part to play. We want to create a sense of ownership so local residents and businesses alike see the centre as something we can all help to shape, a real asset in our town which caters for a variety of different needs and interests.

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