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We are the United Kingdom’s leading homeopathic charity committed to the promotion and practice of homeopathy. We want homeopathy to be available for everyone who needs it and offer affordable high-quality healthcare from our network of charitable clinics.  Our work benefits the public as a whole but particularly people in need of care without means to afford private treatment.  The majority of our beneficiaries who attend the clinics come from protected groups and represent all ages.

Homeopathy UK provides beneficiaries choice in managing their healthcare in a way which is sustainable, effective and poses significantly less risk of side-effects than conventional drugs.  

Our work is tremendously important to those that benefit from care and information we provide, as it provides choice and empowerment around healthcare decisions particularly where conventional approaches are not particularly effective.  From data collected through our clinics, those beneficiaries suffering from chronic healthcare issues have found benefit and improvement through homeopathic care. 


Our Mission

To build greater awareness of homeopathy as an effective healthcare choice in the UK through:

  • promoting of the value of homeopathy and its practice by statutorily- regulated healthcare professionals;
  • promoting the study of and training in homeopathy;
  • promoting research into homeopathy that will make an impact.

We do this through providing high quality information to the public, running charitable low cost or free clinics throughout the UK staffed by registered health care professionals, assisting patients in accessing and keeping homeopathic services on the NHS, providing and investing in education for the public and statutorily regulated health professionals and funding research initiatives.  

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