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HSP trading name ‘Homeless Support Project’. A registered charity which offers vulnerable/homeless people a lifeline of 2 wholesome meals a day at no cost.  Our charity realigned to also support anyone seeking support and compassion in their life.  We pride ourselves on supporting anyone in need without judgment and for some of our users their only hope. We are available for individuals who find themselves vulnerable due to active addiction or mental health issues. We have grown since we first opened our doors, we now have 686 service users and this is predicted to continue to grow further due to the effects of the cost of living crisis.  

From February 2023 we have the following services onsite along with Wigan Council representatives,

Wednesdays from 9.30am to 4.30pm

Drug and Alcohol teams, Housing, DWP, Probation, Spectrum, HOIS, Social prescriber and a GP in reach.

Regardless of what else we offer, the basic aim of the Charity remains the same, the provision of a hot meal to those who are homeless or destitute, providing a safe place to eat with reprimand or judgement. Any other help we can provide follows on from fulfilment of that one basic need.   


We have built relationships with our service users and are able to provide support to those who want to address their issues. This support includes providing access to other services who can provide specialist help such as We Are with You for help beating addictions, Mental Health, and Complex Dependency Workers for those who struggle with mental health, Housing Solutions for help to find a bed for the night leading to longer term accommodation, Probations Services, Wound Care, Clinic in a box, for health services, and Spectrum for sexual health services. These services are now on site on a  Wednesday, and leaflets are available to refer people into these services. If we do not have a link to a service that is needed, we will actively work to forge one.

Our Charity supports the individual through the process of returning to independent, mainstream living by facilitating appointments, accompanying people when needed and then providing support after gaining accommodation. We provide help with budgeting and how to select an energy provider, we will provide bedding and some furniture when we have this available. Once clients have a place of their own, we encourage them to use our food service to maintain contact until they are in employment, and we are confident they will not feel the need to revert to old habits. As most other organisations deal with one aspect of the process of return to mainstream living, often the help stops once an individual has their own place. This can be the most crucial time for the individual and continued support is needed so we provide this.

26.4% of the people who use our services are of no fixed address. These present in an unclean state with dirty clothes and clearly unable to access facilities to shower and maintain any level of personal hygiene. From our experience this has a negative effect on both mental and physical health. As such, we have now had a shower unit installed with the help of a local company to help these people, and we encourage them to have a shower if they are street homeless.

We have recently had an outbuilding built to accommodate a Foodbank at our Charles Street premises. We commenced a food parcel service during lockdowns and, as the need for this has not diminished following coming out of lockdown, we are maintaining this service.  Having an outbuilding provides a degree of confidentiality for those who make use of the foodbank as they will not be required to come through the main building to access this service. This service is open to families as well as those who use the meal service on a referral basis, with one of the above services referring clients to us.

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