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Holy Cross Centre Trust

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Holy Cross Centre Trust is an independent, secular organisation, dramatically changing the way things are done when it comes to caring for people. We work with marginalised and vulnerable adults across London, priding ourselves in doing things differently, and our working methods have been widely recognised in think-tank and policy papers.


About us

HCCT is a small organisation with a big ambition, and a reputation for innovative and exciting ways of working. We work in the health and social care sector, providing different kinds of support to people across London who want to be able to live independent and fulfilling lives, but for a variety of reasons struggle to do so. We know that factors such as old-age, isolation and mental ill-health can affect the levels of confidence, esteem and motivation needed to make you feel happy, fulfilled and in control of your life.  Our role at HCCT is to create an environment in which people feel they can take that step forward and discover a bright future.

Our values

Over the years of working in this space we have learned many lessons about how to work with and alongside people. Most notably, we have learned that you cannot deliver a brighter future to somebody. Real change can only come when professionals and those in need of support work together, in a genuine partnership where both parties learn from each other. Whilst a professional might have expertise in various strategies and processes, the person in need of support holds the expertise about their own life, history and context. Together as partners we can work to create an environment where someone feels able to take that next step, one day at a time.

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