HIPZ (Health Improvement Project Zanzibar)

HIPZ (Health Improvement Project Zanzibar)

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  • Health and well being / research and care

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Here at HIPZ, we're  proud of the huge impact we have in Zanzibar. Over the years we've made healthcare more accessible to people across Zanzibar. We've trained more than 1000 healthcare workers and introduced  new services from psychiatry to surgery in  rural hospitals. We are a small charity and we make a big impact, focusing on creating sustainable,  replicable change that is embedded in the local health system.

Right now, we are expanding our mental health project, training healthcare workers in newborn and maternal care, and improving facilities in hospitals. We've recently built the first  Emergency Medicine Department outside of Stone Town, and a second was established in January 2023. We are also extending our work onto  Pemba island for the first time, beginning to provide services to the 600,000  people who live there.



  • To make it possible for all people of Zanzibar to access quality healthcare

Our Strategic Pillars

  • We strengthen systems and processes to improve patient outcomes
  • We capacity build the health workforce to improve quality of care
  • We expand clinical services to meet the local need
  • We develop the health infrastructure and procure and maintain equipment to enable service delivery
  • We invest in health research to inform health service delivery and to enable our model to be shared
  • We work with the community to inform our work and to increase health awareness

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