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HIAS+JCORE provides vital services to refugees and asylum seekers and advocates for their fundamental rights so they can rebuild their lives.


JUMP, as part of HIAS+JCORE, provides one-to-one befriending for vulnerable young asylum seekers who have come to the UK without parents or a guardian. 

We match them up with a trained and committed adult volunteer befriender. They offer a regular, stable and structured friendship plus support in navigating their way through life in the UK. 

The young people we support face a huge number of challenges in the UK. Having fled conflict and persecution, they are in a new country with an unfamiliar culture and language, forced to navigate a difficult and confusing asylum system alone. With their befriender however, we create a safe space where they can explore their interests, regain some control over their own lives and benefit from a non-judgemental, non-directive friendship. 

JUMP pairs meet at least once a fortnight. What they do depends on both people’s interests. Some meet regularly for a coffee and chat, others may help with more practical issues such as registering for with the GP or filling in asylum support forms. Above all, JUMP is about building a sincere and supportive friendship, to the benefit of both the young person and the befriender. 

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