Herts Welcomes Refugees

Herts Welcomes Refugees

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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Children / families
  • Local / community
  • Refugees / migrants

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We welcome refugees and asylum seekers to Hertfordshire and offer ongoing practical support. Herts Welcomes Refugees works with local councils and organisations to ensure that refugees and asylum seekers can access appropriate services. We help refugees integrate into their local communities by connecting them with befrienders and community groups. We advocate on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers, engaging with decision makers and raising public awareness.


Meet the immediate needs of new arrivals to Hertfordshire
We help provide clothing vouchers, shoes, coats, phone and toiletries to asylum seekers living in hostels.
​For resettled refugees, we may provide furniture and furnishings, a TV set with one year's license, mobile and in some cases a laptop.
We may also provide school uniform, bicycles and bus fares for school. 

Provide language support 
Our volunteers practice English one-on-one or in group ESOL classes with refugees and asylum seekers. We provide additional support to school children as needed. 

Our volunteers help refugees to navigate unfamiliar situations, get to know their local area and connect to their new communities. We may accompany new arrivals to medical or school appointments. 

Host social events, welcome meals and outings to connect refugees with their new communities. 
Give financial support in cases of hardship or educational need.
Provide support to British Refugee Council and local council case workers.
Work with other groups to coordinate support to refugees and seekers of asylum. 
Raise awareness of the global refugee crisis by giving talks to local groups and schools.

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