Help a Stray Cat

Help a Stray Cat

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There're millions of stray cats in Turkey and not enough volunteers or resources to help all these animals. The population is growing at an alarming rate and our aim is to help reduce the number of cats suffering on the streets. Our biggest aim is to prevent their suffering by making sure they're not born into the streets where they're likely to die from viral illness, get run over by cars or from cruelty. Our work matters because we make a difference to the life of so many helpless animals who are left to suffer on the streets on a daily basis. Since March 2022 we have spayed and neutered around 100 cats which means we prevented the birth of possibly thousands of unwanted kittens. We have provided medical care to countless animals who were left to die on the streets and rehomed around 30 cats with chronic illnesses. 


We provide veterinary care to animals in need

We spay and neuter cats to reduce the cat population

We provide food and water to stray animals

We rehome cats who cannot live on the streets

Current opportunities

We're looking for a book illustrator for a series of children's books about rescue animals