Hedgehog Emergency Rescue, Bingley, Yorkshire (HERBY)

Hedgehog Emergency Rescue, Bingley, Yorkshire (HERBY)

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At Hedgehog Emergency Rescue, Bingley, Yorkshire (HERBY) we are a not for profit organisation and our purpose is to rehabilitate then release injured, sick or orphaned wild hedgehogs.  Those who cannot be released into the wild will be found suitable homes giving them the appropriate level of care as close to their natural habitat as possible.  We work on a ‘those who want to live, should be given the opportunity to do so’ basis but where a hedgehog is beyond help we will arrange for a humane end to the animal’s life with the respect that is deserved. 

We aim to increase the public’s understanding of hedgehogs, the difficulties and illnesses they face.  We wish to educate adults and children in ways they can help the species.  We will connect with organisations and individuals with similar desires to our own.  We hope to bring about an increase in hedgehog habitat, a rise in hedgehog numbers and the promotion of hedgehog health and wellbeing.  We primarily work in West Yorkshire but our media work sometimes reaches a national and international stage.

Our funding will primarily go towards group 1 - medicine, food, equipment and care but some will be spent on group 2 - administration, fundraising, education materials, staffing, premises and running costs.  All spending will be for the good of the hedgehogs in our care and to the wider hedgehog community.


We care for hedgehogs that are brought to us and send them back to the wild when possible.  We fundraise through galas, school/community talks, sales, and people do events for us also.

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