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When it comes to health, prevention is better than cure.

We all know this. But the NHS still commits 95% of its resources to waiting until people fall ill or have an accident and then treating them - and only 5% of its resources to helping prevent accident and illness in the first place. 

We also know that we live in a world where the healthy choices are often the difficult choices – for instance if ‘junk food’ is more readily available than healthy food.

If we want to live in a healthier world then we can’t just let things carry on the way they are. We need action, by

• Each of us as individuals
• The food, drink and tobacco industries
• Employers
• Government
• The NHS and health professionals

That’s why we’ve launched Health Action Campaign.




Together with our sister charity Age Watch (which explores how we can slow the process of ageing throughout our lives and thereby reduce 'age related' illness) we:

  • Provide evidence based health information, with Information Standard accreditation (NHS England's quality mark for providers of health information) - because prevention is better than cure. 
  • Research what leads people to adopt healthier behaviour, in partnership with three London universities - because people often know what is good for their health but don't always act on what they know.
  • Campaign to make healthier choices the easier choices for people - through Health Action Campaign, which aims to influence government and the food and drinks industry in particular.

For example our report Healthy and Wealthy? was published in November 2015. It examined the the mass production of food high in sugar, salt and fat in the UK from a health economics perspective and was reported in food trade press publications - including six pages of coverage in Cost Sector Catering.  

We're a completely voluntary organisation. More than 30 of us are committing our time and expertise free of charge. If you'd like to join our team we'd be interested to hear from you. We're used to people contributing flexibly, to fit around work, study or family commitments.

To ensure our information and advice is impartial and authoritative our policy is not to accept commercial sponsorship or advertising.

We're a young organisation but our contribution is already being recognised, for instance

  • as a partner in a Research Council project
  • through invitations to attend relevant All Party Parliamentary Group meetings
  • through invitations to national and international conferences

Charity sectors

  • Education
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Older people / later life

Other details

Geographical remit: 
National - England
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Current opportunities

  • Research Director (Online Health Information)

    Health Action Campaign

    London (Central), W1G 0AN

    Ongoing role

    There's a lot of unreliable health information online. That's why your role will be important - helping ensure the health information we provide is properly researched. Read more

    Time commitment: 4 - 8 hours per week, at times and places convenient for you.

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  • Previous placements

    Health Action Campaign Researcher

    Associate Editor, Health Website

    Image Researcher and Curator

    Health Action Campaign Researcher

    Health Action Campaign Researcher

    Image Researcher and Curator

    Health Information Researcher

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