Harrow African-Caribbean Association (HACAS)

Harrow African-Caribbean Association (HACAS)

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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Children / families
  • Older people / later life
  • Voluntary sector support
  • Young people

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HACAS was created in 1991 to bring together the African-Caribbean people in the community, primarily to provide a meeting place and a weekly Activity Day Centre/Luncheon Club. The ADC creates an environment where the elderly are brought out of isolation (thereby avoiding the depression that comes with loneliness in their home) and take part in the activities provided at the ADC. Without HACAS, there would be no platform for them to meet and share information at General Meetings and get involved with the various other activities in the Organisation.


HACAS's objectives are to unite primarily African-Caribbean’s in the Borough of Harrow, actively encourage a thriving membership of all age groups, regardless of gender, religious or political beliefs; to provide a meeting place and foster friendship, solidarity and good social relationships; to promote the growth and development of HACAS and the well-being of all its Members; to provide all possible facilities and encouragement to African-Caribbean’s in Harrow, in order to participate in matters of concern to HACAS and the general community; to promote the social interests of African-Caribbean’s and to draw the attention of the Local Council and to render all possible assistance to those who request or require help, regardless of race or creed; to co-operate with or affiliate to, other organised bodies with similar aims embodied in our Constitution; to promote research into, provide information upon and monitor the progress of African-Caribbean’s in the Social, Employment, Economic and Academic activities in the Borough.

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