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HAIR REBORN is the only charity that provides haircare support, advice and free practical hairdressing services to people suffering hair loss due to cancer chemotherapy treatment.  


Our services consist of a support line which provides reassurance, support and advice as soon as someone is told they may lose their hair due to cancer treatment, helping them feel more prepared and confident knowing what to expect and steps they can take to help, and supporting with any hair or scalp concerns throughout their treatment.  We also direct people to other charities and organisations we work with.


Our free in-salon styling programme is delivered by a network of independent hairdressing salons that have been trained by us and volunteer their time to provide the HAIR REBORN programme, helping people in their community achieve a new healthy, manageable style, enabling them to regain their identity, confidence and self-esteem.


The appointed salons work under an official agreement to ensure all HAIR REBORN Guests receive a consistent and positive experience.  This gives people something positive to look forward to once they finish treatment, helping them back to ‘normal’ activities but in a supportive and understanding environment, as people don’t look or feel themselves at this time.


Some of the reasons people reach out to HAIR REBORN:

Are embarrassed about their appearance and have low self-esteem.

Cannot afford hairdressing services at this time.

Not ready to visit their own salon as don’t want to explain what they’ve been through and don’t want to face familiar salon clients.

Turned away from a salon as they didn’t know how to handle chemo hair growth.

Wish to be anonymous due to low confidence in their appearance.

Want to visit a salon that is compassionate and understands hair loss.

Want to be able to feel comfortable removing their wig or scarf.


The HAIR REBORN programme is the only charity of this nature.  We help people prepare and deal with hair loss in a more positive way and the in-salon programme gives people something positive to look forward to once chemotherapy treatment has ended and their hair beings to grow back. New post chemo hair generally grows back differently and difficult to manage, so we help people achieve a new healthy, manageable style enabling them to regain their identity, confidence and self-esteem in a salon that understands their needs.  


We pride ourselves on seeing the transformation in each and every HAIR REBORN Guest that undertakes the programme, watching their confidence grow back in line with their hair.

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