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Growing Together food for now

We believe everyone should have access to unprocessed, fresh food for health and wellbeing.

We help local allotments and growers share their surplus crops with local food charities, which are seeing increasing numbers of people needing food support.

Growing Together for our future planet

As responsible food citizens we all have enormous power to grow and eat food that is good for us and the planet.

We run practical sessions with our community of growers and young people in schools, showing them how to eat well for themselves and the environment. We help people understand the links between healthy soil, healthy food, healthy body and healthy mind. We do this by promoting composting, no-dig, organic growing practices which create thriving bio diverse, sustainable growing spaces.

We offer a three-year programme introducing the food cycle for children to create a growing space and experience growing their own food. This experience connects them with the environment around them, the natural source of food, opens up potential career opportunities in horticulture, as well as giving them confidence to grow vegetables themselves at home for themselves and their children in the future. 

Growing Together in the community

We create safe spaces for local people (groups and individuals) to work and learn to grow together, in harmony with nature, supporting both the planet, our own and each other's mental health and wellbeing.

We engage with local individuals through weekly growing sessions, which are sensitively facilitated by our skilled volunteers. We also partner with local groups, hosting them in our nurturing outside space. As well as growing food we regularly demonstrate how to easily produce a simple meal using seasonal produce from the allotment.

We also connect and broker volunteering relationships between corporate businesses in the area and community hubs who are looking for voluntary resource to help them transform an internal or external space. Our Corporate Volunteering Days engage people working in the community to volunteer and offer some of their time, for the community,

 We believe our work matters more than ever, as children, adults and communities in built up areas are becoming more disconnected from their true source of food and the nature and biodiversity around them. This disconnection is widely reported to affect our mental and physical health and that of our families and loved ones. Our aim is to grow plants, people and places....together.


Community Allotment

We run twice weekly group growing sessions at our 300sq.m community allotment and cook on site a monthly 'Allotment Meal' for volunteers so they can see and experience what they can cook with the ingredients they harvest from the allotment. Each month we focus on a different harvest which helps promote the growing seasons. It also offers a wonderful social event for community volunteers and community guests to come together, to appreciate what they have collectively created and spend some time together enjoying preparing and sharing a meal together using fresh, organically grown, tasty, healthy food on site.

Schools Programmes

Through our 3-year schools programmes, we work with schools to design and create (or rejuvenate) a growing space on school grounds for the children, and then provide monthly practical growing classes to teach and inspire them to learn and watch how plants grow, show them the biodiversity around them and enable them to experience the joy of harvesting and tasting fresh vegetables they have grown themselves. These programmes open up potential career opportunities for the children and empowers our next generation with a choice as to what food they wish to eat. It also gives them the confidence to learn more to further their understanding on how they can nourish themselves and the environment by growing their own nutritious food for their parents, themselves and in the future their children.... the parents of tomorrow. 

Corporate Volunteering Days

We also broker, organise and deliver Corporate Volunteering days in the local community, connecting businesses with local community hubs, who do not have the funds or resource to do the work themselves. This project is aimed at mobilising different groups within the community to work together, for the benefit of the community as a whole. Not only does volunteering offer benefits to the volunteers' sense of worth and wellbeing, it creates vital longer-term connections between the businesses and community life around them.

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