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Group B Strep Support

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Group B Strep Support is a national charity working to stop group B Strep infection in newborn babies.

Group B Strep (GBS) is the most common cause of life-threatening infection in newborn babies, yet many expectant and new parents have never heard of it. On average, two babies each day in the UK develop a GBS infection and each week, one baby dies from a GBS infection and another is left with a life-changing disability.

Most GBS infections can be prevented by testing during pregnancy, and providing IV antibiotics during labour to women who test positive. The charity works to raise awareness of GBS, supports families affected by GBS, and campaigns for better prevention strategies in the UK.


The charity runs a Helpline, providing one-to-one support and information to families and health professionals with questions about group B Strep.

We work with the NHS and relevant health organisations to improve awareness and knowledge about GBS among new and expectant parents, and their health professionals. We also campaign for better prevention measures to be introduced in the UK.  

We're the number 1 provider of patient information materials on GBS to the NHS - if you get a leaflet about GBS during pregnancy, chances are it's one of ours.

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