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Greenwich Communication Centre C.I.C

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Greenwich Communication Centre provides a wide range of communication services to support the needs of the Greenwich community via an accessible high street location.

Primarily, our services support our community to keep connected and communicating both face-to-face and online. Some of our ICT services are revenue generating and this revenue helps to fund our Pro Bono community services which are focused on:


  • Reducing digital exclusion through outreach technology support clinics.
  • Supporting disadvantaged people through digital skills, training and employment.
  • Improving economic development by supporting start-ups and early stage entrepreneurs to grow businesses, invest and employ.   
  • Creating a greener environment 




The principal activity of the company during the year was providing a value-led, sustainable and not-for-profit communication hub in the heart of Greenwich. 

The revenue generating side of our business aims to provide a wide range of useful ICT related services, such as computer, tablet and smart phone repairs and many community groups enjoy discounted rates on repairs. 

We also provide low-cost, public access to computers and the internet, as well as a range of office support services such as photocopying and printing together with a comfortable wi-fi lounge and café.

All this valuable work funds our social investment projects which are focused on providing numerous pro bono services to the Greenwich community. 

In this accounting period we have delivered a total social value of £162,656. £77,439 of this value is paid for by the local community, the remainder being provided by GCC in-kind.  Our evaluative SROI is calculated at 2.1:1 based on an analysis of outcomes that have taken place.  In other words, for every £1 of input £2.10 of social value is created.

In 2015/16 we are evolving our impact measuring tools to capture the wider social return on our investment.  It can be modestly assumed that our projected SROI is well in excess of £100,000 per annum.

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