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The Green Team is an unincorporated independent registered charity set up to:

  • Advance the education of our volunteers in horticulture skills and practices by providing training and  
  • Improve the quality of life of older and disabled people who can no longer look after their own gardens. We do this through the provision of an affordable, quality gardening service, using a team of local volunteers.  

Our charity, led by local Trustees, has been in operation in Goole for 25 years. Based on local need, we promote and provide volunteering opportunities for people to play a positive role in society and in helping to build communities; whilst at the same time helping themselves. In West Park in Goole, we have our:

Office; open 5 days a week where we operate our garden maintenance service from; working in Goole and within a 10 mile radius; offering low-cost gardening services to the elderly and disabled. Also on site, we have our community garden centre, which opens to the public 5 days a week. Volunteers grow plants and produce, which are then either used by our Garden Maintenance Team, used next door to the garden centre in the café, or are sold to the public to raise funds for our charity. A stone's throw from the park, we have our allotment, where volunteers have the opportunity to plant, grow, nurture and harvest fruit and vegetables. 


We work within a 10-mile radius of Goole and our gardening service is valued and appreciated by all of our gardening customers.  Our service reduces stress and worry, helps maintain independence, improves the local environment and reduces the impact of crime. The Green Team has a team of volunteers for whom we provide training and experience in horticulture and transferable life skills. Our volunteers are from many different backgrounds and range in age from 16 to over 70 years of age. They have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the local community, as well as increasing their own confidence, self-esteem, increased sense of purpose, confidence, team working, improved skills and enhanced employment prospects. Volunteers approach us directly, or are referred by a number of local agencies.  

At our site at West Park we have our Garden Centre and poly-tunnels, where our team of volunteers grow plants and produce, many from seed. These plants are then either used by our Garden Maintenance Team, used next door to the Garden Centre in the café, or are sold to the public to raise funds for our charity. The Garden Centre is open to the public for plant sales 5 days a week and on special park event days.  

Also on the West Park site, we manage West Park Community Café, which is run under our C.I.C. (Community Interest Company). 

In addition to the café running under the C.I.C., we have a commercial gardening service. All profits from the C.I.C. are gifted to the charity. 

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