Green Care at Norton

Green Care at Norton

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Social enterprise
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National - England


Our project aims to support and bring about positive changes in the lives of adults living with loneliness, unemployment or who are socially excluded through mental illness, learning difficulties or deprivation. Based on three different sites across Hertfordshire, participants work alongside volunteers to grow their own food and flowers.

Produce is either:

  1. Taken home for tyhe volunteers own wellbeing
  2. Donated to local Food Banks
  3. Sold to local businesses or at one of the farms where the volunteers operate

Participants benefit from having a safe and secure place to make friends, learn and develop skills, and enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of getting moving outside.


Green Care at Norton operates across multiple sites in Hertfordshire including allotments and local farmland in partnership with local councils and alike.

Green Care At Norton takes referrals from a variety of professionals including the Jobcentre, Settle Housing Association, Create Community Network, NHS Community Mental Health, The Job Centre and others, as well as self referrals, meaning we have no barriers to someone accessing our support.

We have established a large growing areas, giving our participants the opportunity to gain valuable skills such as larger-scale commercial growing of food and flowers, as well as marketing, pricing of items, floristry, architectural landscaping plus an understanding of a social enterprise business venture. We plan that this will bring a vital source of income to Green Care at Norton, enabling us to support more people, across more sites and enables our participants to take a step towards employment and contribute to the local community.

Current opportunities

Hertfordshire, SG6 1GP

We’re looking for a fundraising leader / Director -  someone who will lead our fundraising efforts by fundraising and co-ordinating our small team...