Grantham & District Mencap Ltd

Grantham & District Mencap Ltd

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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties

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The Company believes and strives to support people with a learning disability to achieve the following;



• In the things that they do and who they do it with

• In where they live and who they live with

• Through being fully involved in decisions which affect their life



• To take part in the activities of, and within the community they live in, to break down barriers which •prevent access and inclusion

• To take up education and support which will enable them to meet their needs and achieve their •potential



• As individuals, to have their thoughts, fears and wishes listened to and not dismissed

• For what they can do and for the contribution they make

• To have their rights met and to challenge discrimination and abuse



• Use of advocates to ensure inclusion in services such as banking, benefits, health services etc.

• Using volunteers and/or advocates for inclusion in social activities


We have three main aims, to provide:

- Leisure Facilities

- Day Cay Care Service

- Residential Care

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