Gloucestershire Community Foundation

Gloucestershire Community Foundation

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  • Local / community
  • Poverty relief
  • Voluntary sector support

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GCF's vision is for Gloucestershire to be a place where people and communities are empowered to become resilient and strong.

Grow​ - Income and capital to benefit Gloucestershire now and in the future by nurturing and supporting a committed community of philanthropists and donors​

Offer ​- A centre of excellence by promoting and encouraging best practice and innovation in philanthropy and grant making​

Advocate ​- On behalf of our communities, promoting equity and diversity in everything we do.​

Learn ​- By identifying projects and organisations that help address local needs, raising awareness and supporting local solutions​

Support ​- Through positive leadership, striving to lead by example in everything we do.

Our detailed knowledge of Gloucestershire, and the strong relationships we forge in the community, allow us to address the vast array of needs in the county. This means we can contribute to an understanding of the UK’s progress in addressing the SDGs, and ensure that the areas of need in Gloucestershire are met.


  • Maintains a permanent and sustainable endowment, a community asset which will continue to support communities in Gloucestershire for life. 
  • Our knowledge and networks allows us to deliver funded campaigns to support those most in need, to help change lives and strengthen communities 
  • Delivers the INVEST programme to develop the skills and resilience of Gloucestershire charity leaders
  • Champions the fabulous voluntary organisations working in our county and shining a light on the issues facing Gloucestershire communities through our research and impact reports, introductions to media contacts, our updated website and our growing social media presence
  • Shares knowledge and brings together the voluntary sector in Gloucestershire to discuss topics, share ideas and develop collaborative programmes at our Let’s Talk/Let’s Listen sessions
  • Collaborates with other local funders to help funds to stretch further and have greater impact
  • Brings national funds into our county to distribute at a local level through our Gloucestershire Coronavirus Emergency Support, Art Council Let’s Create and Made By Sport programmes.

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