Global Natural Heathcare Trust UK

Global Natural Heathcare Trust UK

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The Global Natural Healthcare Trust (GNHCT) is a U.K. registered charity - registration number 1107629.

In 2001 The Global Natural Healthcare Trust was formed to meet a need for those afflicted & affected by HIV/AIDS here in the UK and by 2003 we were invited to South Africa where this was a huge problem. It is there GNHCT set up a strong base assisting several thousand patients back to optimum health and we maintained this until 2019. Here in the UK in 2003 we also saw our first Lyme Disease patient.

Lyme Disease is still misunderstood by many and often misdiagnosed, as HIV/AIDS became more understood and treatable GNHCT turned its attention to Lyme Disease and its various Co Infections helping as many patients as possible whose lives were shattered by the disease. This is our work today here in the UK.


Lyme Disease is now seriously on the rise in the UK and particularly in the South West of England and Scotland. This is due to Climate Change and must be taken seriously.”

– Dame Annette Montague-Thomas

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