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Feedback is an environmental charity working to reduce the impact humans have on the planet and regenerate nature by transforming the food system. We occupy a distinct, national niche with our work as the only UK environmental campaigning charity working specifically on food systems issues. We have established a strong reputation as both an expert voice and as a practical actor; we are an independent voice regularly called upon by businesses, governments and civil society across the UK to provide evidence and advice on issues like nutrition-sensitive land use, industrial animal farming (including aquaculture), food waste, and regional food economies. We are sector leaders, highly regarded for our hard-hitting investigative research, innovative campaigns, participatory events, and track record of bringing about changes to policy and business practices through a mix of movement building, campaigns, and piloting alternative food system approaches.

Our work tackles root causes as well as symptoms to transform our current unsustainable, linear food system to a fair, circular, resilient model supportive of human and planetary health and climate stabilisation. Specific outcomes that we aim to effect from our ambitious strategy (launched in 2021), which has been backed by 3 years’ unrestricted funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, include:

  1. replacing destructive, unhealthy diets with delicious, nutritious foods that reduce climate change, make space for nature and reduce the risk of future pandemics;
  2. ending the era of the global food corporation and fostering resilient, equitable and regional food economies; and
  3. empowering passive food consumers to be active food citizens, enabling an inclusive, just, people-powered transformation of the food system.

We are delivering these goals through the following strategies: 

  • Consolidating and deepening our existing campaigns and activities arranged with an external change agenda around these three strategic goals
  • Expanding some of our work and campaigns geographically, setting up a permanent base and legal entity in the EU, in the Netherlands, for work on meat reduction in the first instance; working with partners, including joint fundraising for work in the USA and further afield, focused in the first instance on our meat and finance work.
  • Building our movement by taking a leadership role on anti-racism in the progressive food and farming sectors and environmental movements in the UK, and by prioritising building relationships with people and organisations outside of our existing networks.
  • Making the internal changes required to be the organisation we want to be, including building our capacity in key areas such as digital mobilisation and organising.


To move towards a food system that nourishes both people and our planet will require significant changes to our food culture, the food economy and its governance. We are seeking to bring about these changes through a unique combination of campaigning and advocacy, citizen engagement and pilot programmes.

We expose systemic problems that have led to unsustainable use of resources within the food system. We act as a critical friend to industry and policy makers or, when more appropriate, we launch creative campaigns to achieve the changes that we seek (for example our campaigns Total Bull and our supermarket food waste scorecard).

We build coalitions with other civil society groups, mobilising activists around our agenda. Free public feasts are a key way in which we support the growth of diverse movements of citizens on food issues. We also use volunteering as a further opportunity for the public to ‘be the change’ and have a comprehensive youth engagement and food system education programme. We are proud of our ability to reach people from all walks of life, including those for whom engagement with our work is their first foray into environmental and food system activism, for example through our Gleaning Network.

When solutions cannot be achieved with changes to current organisations, models and practices, we roll up our sleeves and pilot alternatives – be it through gleaning or anchoring new community food economies. Through these pilots, we demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of a new food economy, and enable replication of our success around the globe through training, toolkits and engaging with citizens, civil society allies and change makers far and wide.

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