Global Association for Transition Engineering

Global Association for Transition Engineering

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We aim to enable people (professionals and community groups) to adapt the systems on which society depends (which are often engineered systems - transport, buildings, energy...) so that they can support a better society in a changing future. 


We develop and share the learning about the discipline we call "Transition Engineering" and its application by engineers and non-engineers, professionals and community groups. We develop and share thinking tools for addressing complex, "wicked" problems like climate change, energy depletion, resource dependence. 

We run a professional membership association so that people can learn about transition engineering, develop themselves, and apply the  learning to solve un-sustainability problems. 

We help people design and implement change  / shift / transition projects. We publish materials including books, papers. We run training courses, we facilitate stakeholder engagement processes, especially to encourage engagement between engineering, ecology, science, sociology, economics creative and other professionals. We organise discussions and debate, round tables and conferences on Transition Engineering and key approaches to un-sustainability problems. 

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