Global Anaesthesia Development Partnerships

Global Anaesthesia Development Partnerships

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Safe anaesthesia is an essential but often overlooked part of providing safe surgery.  GADP aims to increase access to safe surgery in Low- and Middle-income countries, by supporting their health systems to be able to provide safe anaesthesia.  We presently have health partnerships based in two countries; Ethiopia and Zambia. Our partnerships support the growth and development of anaesthesia training for doctors in both countries, and also enable learning between both countries and also for the volunteers who go to support, and bring back invaluable skills and knowledge for their own health systems.


Our core model is to fund both in-country and remote (online) volunteers to support anaesthesia training in Ethiopia and Zambia.  In addition, our partnerships have grown to be able to advocate for the importance of anaesthesia within the countries and internationally.  We support:

  • clinical training
  • classroom and online teaching
  • faculty development
  • the sharing of knowledge at international conferences and fora
  • advocacy for Zambia and Ethiopia's health systems on an international stage

Current opportunities

We are looking for a charity trustee with expertise in fundraising, to join our friendly, diverse board.  GADP works to increase access to safe...