Gifford Community Land Company

Gifford Community Land Company

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Gifford Community Woodland is 56 acres of ancient woodland in East Lothian that was purchased by our village to safeguard it for future generations.  

Our purpose is to:

  1. Protect, maintain and conserve the natural environment of the woods for the community
  2. Improve accessibility for all into the woods
  3. Support the community of Gifford, providing opportunities for all to come together
  4. Provide educational opportunities within the woods for the community


After several years of neglect, a key aspect of our operations is to protect , maintain and conserve the woodland for the community.  We are keen to ensure that our woodland is accessible for all the community and our activities are designed to encourage use by all.  We have built an all-access path network around the woods, opening up areas that hadn't been seen and accessed for years.  

We hold a number of educational and fun events throughout the year, including a range of activities with children from the local school and youth groups.  


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