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Giants came into existence in March 2008.
Our official name is ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’ – after Sir Isaac Newton’s modest claim about his scientific achievements:
                                               ‘If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’.

At Giants we celebrate and learn from those that have gone before.
We draw on the diverse experiences of our contributors: we proudly stand on their shoulders!

We have been nurtured by Talawa Theatre Company since our beginnings: they’ve given us a desk, wisdom and guidance.

We have been a charity since 2010 (Registered Charity Number: 1135195).


Standing On The Shoulders of Giants is a theatre company built on two passionate beliefs: the enduring relevance of the classics, and the creative energy to be found in our diverse communities.

We bring classic stories up to date – to re-think them in an original piece of theatre, performed by professional actors, but inspired by, and relevant to specific community groups. 

Inclusivity and Creativity are central to everything we do:  our audiences are also our contributors .


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