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Gendered Intelligence

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  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender

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National - England


Our mission is to increase understandings of gender diversity and to increase the quality of trans people, and young trans people in particular.

Our vision is of a world where people are no longer constrained by narrow perceptions and expectations of gender, and where diverse gender expressions are visible and valued.

We work predominantly with the trans community and those who impact on trans lives; we particularly specialise in supporting young trans people aged 8-30.

At GI we use the term ‘trans’ to describe the spectrum of people who feel their assigned gender at birth does not feel right for them. It includes other terms such as transgender, transsexual, non-binary, gender variant, gender non-conforming, gender fluid and cross dresser. We also take care to ensure that people who are questioning their gender identity are also included in the work that we do.

Gendered Intelligence’s aims are to:


  • Increase the quality of trans people’s life experiences, especially those of young trans people
  • Increase the visibility of trans people’s lives and raise awareness of trans people’s needs, especially those of young trans people, across the UK and beyond
  • Contribute to the creation of community cohesion across the whole of the trans community and the wider LGBQI (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Queer and Intersex) community throughout the UK
  • Engage the wider community in understanding the diversity and complexity of gender

Gendered Intelligence consists of a team of skilled trainers, facilitators, youth workers, community arts practitioners, university lecturers and teachers. We have a working and in-depth knowledge of the wider trans community and of the young trans community in particular.

As well as our paid staff and freelancers, we also have a team of volunteers who add value to the various projects and sessions that are run at Gendered Intelligence. Some of the team hold doctorates in the area of Transgender Studies and many members of the team have a lived experience of being trans.

Gendered Intelligence is a ‘trans-led’ organisation which means many members of the team are trans identified. We feel strongly that there is not one way of being trans, and there are many different ways to help GI achieve its aims. We are keen to ensure that collectively the team is diverse in order that we can draw from a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and styles of thinking and working. As the organisation grows this is more important than ever.


Gendered Intelligence work is currently divided into four areas. These are: Trans Youth Work, Work in Education, Professional Services and Public Engagement. We work hard to ensure that activities within our four Service Areas are closely interlinked: we can see how using information gained in one area strengthens and improves the services we deliver elsewhere. This is reflected in the positive feedback we continue to receive, from young people, families, carers, and professionals, but we know that our work benefits the wider community as well
as our direct users.

In addition, building on Gendered Intelligence’s core work, our Special Projects are a joyful mix of creative, academic and community activities. We are immensely proud of the diverse nature of our partnerships and the outcomes they achieve.

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