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Our Vision: Ad Gefrin is rooted in history, a place where myth, archaeology and tranquillity come together. We aim to inspire everyone with the extraordinary story of Ad Gefrin (Yeavering), by giving people the power to experience something of the magic of this place and its people. 

Our Mission: To explore and communicate the contribution Ad Gefrin (Yeavering) has made to our understanding of the heritage and history of Northumberland and the British Isles. We are building on the archaeological and historical investigations of the past, by supporting and promoting an increase in knowledge and understanding of the site and environs.

Aim 1: Protect and manage the site of Ad Gefrin: You cannot protect and manage what you do not understand.

Understanding the significance, needs and vulnerabilities of a fragile heritage asset is fundamental to its care and protection, and we know that significant remains survive buried below ground at Ad Gefrin.

Aim 2: Provide access to secure our future: Encouraging public access reaffirms a sense of shared ownership.

The Gefrin Trust is the temporary custodian of a public space for all to visit and reflect both on their past and of their place in the present. It’s not just the natural beauty of this countryside that makes it so special but also its heritage.

Aim 3: Create opportunities for research and its dissemination: Discovery and revelation are at the heart of what we do, but meaningless until shared.

Only high-quality imaginatively applied research can unlock the site’s unique story, but the real joy comes from sharing that story with others. Our research should unlock the wider landscape context and be wide-ranging and highlight new discoveries and provide greater understanding of this wonderful place.


The work of the Trust over the last two decades has focused on securing free, public access to this important site through sympathetic, management, conservation and investigation. We have published an archaeological research framework to help direct research on the protected site and in the surrounding, wider landscape. Now our programme of research-led investigation is underway

(including archaeological excavation) we are turning our attention to developing other aspects of the Trust’s work with the local community, exploring the potential for volunteering and learning opportunities and developing a visitor destination with local partners.

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