Future Frontiers

Future Frontiers

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  • Education
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  • Young people

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National - England


Who we are

We are an education charity working towards a day when every child is inspired to fulfil their potential in school.

Why we exist

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds face significant barriers that stop them from achieving their potential in school. They aren’t less able, and they aren’t less intelligent but only 33% of children on free school meals achieve a 5 good grades at GCSE, compared to 60% of their wealthier peers.

From never having met someone who has been to university to not believing that their education is important - these children are less likely to be driven to achieve success in school. And we don’t think that’s fair.



What we do

The Future Frontiers coaching programme matches young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with inspiring university students, graduates and professionals who coach them to achieve success in their education, and their lives.  

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