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Future Foundations

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  • Education
  • Poverty relief
  • Training / employment support
  • Young people

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We aim to provide financial and practical support to young people, aged 12-25 years, from disadvantaged families who want to go to secondary school/college/training in order to have a better future for themselves, families and community.


Future Foundations raise money through fundraising events and donations in order to pay secondary school fees and college fees for young people. 

We also provide financial support for materials needed for education such as books, pens and uniform. We hold workshops in Sabaki for all young people in the area, run by our volunteer social worker, on topics ranging from drug abuse and gang culture, to how to open a bank account.Up to 25 young people attended each workshop, from varying backgrounds and experiences.

Since Future Foundations was founded in 2013, we have sponsored one young person from 2nd year to his final 4th year exams in secondary school and then to college where he is now a qualified mechanic. We have sponsored four other young people at differing stages of their secondary school and all four have now completed their final year. We have also successfully sponsored five young people to gain qualifications including food production, IT and, very recently hairdressing. Most of these young people is now in full time employment. In January 2020, we agreed to sponsor two young people to go to college to study Secretarial Studies following both doing well in Secondary School but not having to means to go further.


To raise money for education fees we rely on various fundraising activities 

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