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People with PMLD have more than one disability, the most significant of which is a profound learning disability. All people who have profound and multiple learning disabilities will have great difficulty communicating. Many people will have additional sensory or physical disabilities, complex health needs or mental health difficulties.
(About Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, factsheet – PMLD Network)

Frozen Light creates exciting and original multi-sensory theatre for audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD).

Frozen Light has a passion for: stories and adventures; engaging interactive theatre; devised theatre with original and electrifying soundtracks; theatre that is fun and mischievous; theatre that questions; theatre that is bold; theatre that encompasses all senses.

Frozen Light was grown out of a desire to make theatre for audiences that don’t usually access theatre in mainstream arts venues.

Multi-sensory theatre is interactive, each part of the show has a sensory element to explore: perfume that smells like chocolate, dancing UV material, water bouncing on mirrors, bowls of sand and water beads, smoke appearing as if from nowhere.

Our actors are trained to give each individual the time they need to explore the sensory element, making the production unique to each individual. The sensory elements can reiterate the story or can be enjoyable in their own right and completely enhance the theatrical experience.



Frozen Light creates and performs productions specifically for PMLD audiences in theatre venues across the UK. Each project is supported by Arts Council England and a range of trusts and foundations. The company is now developing its fourth major national touring production for 2018.

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