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Frontier Youth Trust is a national movement of more than 60 independent Christian youth projects reaching young people on the margins. Our members include estate-based street projects, city centre youth clubs, homeless hubs, work in the LGBT community, social enterprises, rural youth projects, school counsellors, and mentoring schemes. Together we are crossing cultures to meet young people where they are at.


Work on the margins can be challenging and isolating - Frontier Youth Trust is a home for those pioneering with young people. We have annual and regional gatherings, a shared rhythm of prayer and life and an online forum. We are a mission community of volunteers, youth workers, churches, and youth projects. By building genuine relationships between practitioners, learning is shared and practice sustained.


Through training, one-to-one coaching, publishing resources, and simply coming alongside practitioners and volunteers, we are encouraging and equipping those who care about young people to take pioneering risks. We are resourcing the church to cross the cultures on their doorsteps, to theologically reflect, to go to the most marginalised places and groups, to reach young people beyond the reach of traditional church.


Frontier Youth Trust is a prophetic movement on the margins, calling and working for a better world for young people. Together we can have a loud voice. Our movement has a wealth of experience, expertise and resources that can equip others to join in with what God is doing on the margins. We a publishing online, speaking at events, building partnerships in order to call more to this great adventure.


Frontier Youth Trust is a national movement of independent projects. Each of our member projects and youth workers are committed to working in their local communities, following the Spirit to grow church and the Kingdom with young people where they are at. Our projects are committed to crossing culture to seek out what God is doing on the margins among young people.

In working with young people do not try to call back to where they were and do not call them to where you are as beautiful  a place as that may seem to you. You must have the courage to go with them to a place that neither you nor they have ever been before
(From Christianity Rediscovered)



Frontier Youth Trust employs are shared-leadership team of a Movement Leader, Movement Enabler, and Movement Advocate, together this team is building a home for pioneer youth workers, equipping the sector to take risks, and calling others to try another way. We also have a team of Regional Activists. 

Our team host annual and regional gatherings, provide 1-2-1 support to 40 youth projects, run a degree programme (in conjunction with Church Mission Society), deliver bespoke training to projects, identify and disseminate learning and resources from the movement, and speak out on behalf of young people and pioneers. 



Frontier Youth Trust is passionately committed to equality. As such, we will seek to embrace and champion those who are often marginalised in Christian communities and the wider world, regardless of economic power, age, gender, gender identity, mental health, mental ability, physical ability, race or sexuality. As an organisation and a movement, we will be proactive in affirming all as fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.

We recognise that we don’t always get this right. We can be unaware of our own prejudices, and we have not always been vocal enough about the things we stand for. At such times we will humbly seek forgiveness, and seek to make right what has been wrong. We will work to eliminate discriminatory behaviour wherever it is found and educate those who show prejudice, as we pursue a better world for young people.

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